Flash Player 10.2 Beta – StageVideo CPU Performance Test (Video)

Flash Player 10.2 Beta – StageVideo CPU Performance Test from Dave Gamez on Vimeo.

This is a example of the StageVideo API performance on Windows 7 (The microphone got messy on me so there’s no audio but anyway You get to see on the monitor how the new Flash Player 10.2 performs).

If You wan’t more info on how to start making some test on Your own reading the Getting Started with stage video article on the ADC by Thibault Imbert will be a good point to start.

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta – Stage Video hardware acceleration (Video).

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta – Stage Video hardware acceleration. from Dave Gamez on Vimeo.

A short screencap testing the Stage Video hardware acceleration and full screen mode with multiple monitors capabilities in Adobes´s Flash Player 10.2 using Google Chrome Task Manager (CPU Monitor) on Windows 7

Adobe Strobe Video Media Framework

Adobe Strobe Media Framework

Adobe Strobe it’s a new media video player framework from Adobe  that intends to set an standard for media players.

If this work out it wold be really helpful, nowadays every developer and company has it’s own way of building a player not following standars for a simple reason, there are not any standars, so hopefully  Strobe will help to solve that problem.

Strobe framework will work as a plug-in model if you need some specific behavior of the player you would build  the necesary  classes on top of the framework. This would be a relief  for those developers  who need a video player but for one reason or another end uo rewriting the entire player.

Quoted fro Adobe’s

Strobe provides new delivery and monetization options for video distribution. Anyone can develop modules that plug into Strobe media players and enable things like advertising insertion, content delivery and syndication, micropayments, viewer authentication, transaction handling, and business model controls. With an open framework, the future of web video monetization can be developed collaboratively with lower costs and faster turnaround.

So let’s wait and see once Adobe Strobe is released.