Flex Builder gets renamed as Flash Builder

Flash Builder

So it finally happened  the IDE(Integrated development environment) known till now as Flex Builder it going to be    renamed as  Flash Builder , why ?  To me it’s easy It makes a lot more sense,  yes you can use the Flex Framework and yes you can use also build AIR apps and ActionScript 3.0 projects but at the end the result  its the same your project gets compiled as an .swf file , so maybe this rename of the IDE should have happened earlier,  it would have evited some confusion. This means that the Flex Framework it’s going to be renamed ? apparently no the flex framework stills and the Flex SDK stills the same but who better to explain it than Lee Brimelow and Duane “Chaos” Nickull check out their posts on the subject.

Hope this is the first step towards the process of integrating  the Flash tools and not just renaming them.  I haven’t used Flash IDE coding panel since who knows when, hope the Flash Builder and the Flash Professional IDES one day get along real well.


Serge Jespers (Adobe Platform Evangelist ) explains in a little more detail why the renaming of Flex Builder to Flash Builder.

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