Targeting Flash Player 11(Incubator Build) in FDT 4.2.

I know this might be old news by now but this post will help as a reminder on how to get the new Flash Player 11 (Incubator Build) working in Your FDT 4.2 installation. Ok let’s get started.

1.- Download the files.

2.- Update the playerglobal.swc

First thing You need to do is replace the playerglobal.swc included in the Flex SDK because it isn’t Flash Player 11 ready.

  • Back up the playerglobal.swc  included in  your Flex SDK location “/frameworks/libs/player/10.2 in the Flex SDK”.
  • Copy the flashplayer_inc_playerglobal_022711.swc to the location mentioned above and rename it to playerglobal.swc.

3.- Setting up FDT.

Setting up the FDT IDE (I’m using FDT 4.20.1272  installed on top Eclipse Indigo Version: 3.7.0) for working with the Flex SDK is easy just follow the steps below.


  • Add the Flex 4.5 SDK You just downloaded to the list of installed SDKs via: Preferences > FDT > Installed SDKs and press Add.
  • Rename  Your SDK to something significant ( Believe Me you can get lost when using several SDKs) I named mine Flex 4.5 Flash Player (Incubator).
  • The next step is creating a new project go to File > New > New Flash Project in the popup window select new AS3 Project and give your project a name.
  • Click next and select the Flex SDK You just added.
  • You will notice that You get a warning on top of that window saying:  “Some classpath libraries are missing …” that’s because the latest Flex SDK nightly builds does not include the flex.swc, on to next step to get rid of that warning.
  • Click next and You’ll be on the SK Library tab select the flex.swc (marked with an X) and click the Remove SWCs button that will remove any warnings about the missing .swc and since we are building an AS3 project we wont be using the flex.swc anyway.
  • The last step is clicking the finish button then go to the project You just created right click and select Properties ( Alt + Enter for shortcuts lovers like myself)  this will open your project’s Properties window  select FDT Compiler from the list and add the flag -swf-version=13 to your compiler arguments..
  • Hit the OK button and You’re set to go now You’re ready to push the Flash Player 11 to it’s limits abusing of it’s new “Molehill” 3D APIs.Happy Coding.