San Moore’s Papervision 3D cheatsheets are out

Sean Moore released a very nice set of Papervision 3D cheatsheets. The Papervision 3D Cheatsheet is a free, three page PDF download displaying the entire Papervision 3D programming API. All packages, objects, methods and properties are shown.These are great if you’re an experienced user of Papervision 3D and more usefull if it’s entirely new to you.
Check his post on it here.
Papervision 3D cheatsheets


Adobe Flex 3 Beta is out.


Adobe Flex 3 Beta

This prerelease version begins a new, more transparent product development process from Adobe, with frequent, regular access to early builds and greater insight provided into the feature roadmap and planning process. The Flex Builder 3 beta release will provide you with an opportunity to explore powerful new features, communicate early feedback, and test existing Flex applications with the new Flex 3 framework. Some of the new major features include:

* Support for the new Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).
* Code refactoring.
* Memory and performance profilers.
* SWF file size reduction through persistent framework caching.
* Advanced datagrid.
* Web service introspection.

Downoad the Beta here

Ted Patrick gave a more in depth info on the subject check his blog here.

Adobe to open-source Flex

FlexLogo Adobe announces plans to open-source Flex under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). Developers will soon be able to freely download, extend, and contribute to the source code for the Flex SDK, including the Flex compiler, command-line debugger, and application framework.
You can find more info on Adobe Labs