Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Prerelease and Adobe AIR 2.0 beta

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta and AIR 2.0

This 17th of November adobe has made available at Adobe Labs the prerelease of  Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and the beta of  Adobe  AIR 2.0 and the attendees of Adobe Latin Flash Tour MX received these news from the hands of Lee Brimelow and Mike Chambers who showed us some of the great things to come in the new versions of these runtimes.

Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 is the first runtime release of the new Open Screen Project that will enable to have the same user experience across multiple devices be it browsers, tv, mobile phones and more. Some of the new features of the the Flash Player 10.1 are ubiquitous reach witch means that the full Flash Player will be the same on your smartphone as your browser enabling you to make your content and user experience equal across many devices. The new Global Error Handling will enable You developer to write a single handler to process all runtime errors that weren’t part of a try/catch statement. Improve application  reliability and user experience by catching and handling unexpected runtime errors and present custom error messages, what does this mean is that your user will never get that window saying there’s an error and you will not see the output panel throwing you those errors everytime you test your application. Multitouch support a Microphone class that will let you capture sound from the microphone the new Text Layout format and various other features that i’m sure that i’m missing so to The Flash Player 10.1 prerelease page at Adobe Labs and start playing with it.

Some useful links:

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Download the updated global SWC to create content using the new APIs

Download the memory monitoring component to optimize your content for mobile

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ActionScript 3.0 Developers Guide

ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform

Adobe AIR 2.0

Some of the features of AIR 2.0 were showed to us by Mike Chambers like the support for the detection of mass storage devices , comunication with the system and that you can now export as a native system application allowing you to use native code integration this lets you do some other things like opening default applications here’s a list of some of it’s new features.

  • Support for the detection of mass storage devices.
  • Advanced networking capabilities like secure sockets, UDP support, and the ability to listen on sockets.
  • Support for native code integration.
  • The ability to open a file with its default application.
  • Multi-touch and gesture support.
  • New APIs for access to raw microphone data.
  • Webkit update with HTML5/CSS3 support.
  • Global error handling.
  • Improved cross-platform printing
  • Improved security and support for enterprise and government standards.

Some useful links:

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What are You waiting for go there and start playing.

Happy Flashing