Flash Develop 3.1.0 RTM is out Now

Flash Develop 3.1.0 RTM

The  new relase of Flash Develop 3.1.0 RTM is out now it comes as a a major feature  release, with  new things like refactoring and multiproject support,Flash Player 10.1 and Flex 4 support added and Real MXML completion implemented, full list below:

List of Changes

* Real MXML completion implemented
* Flash Player 10.1 and Flex 4 support added
* Initial simple refactoring support added
* Global excluded directories added to Tasks
* Embed generation now added for all filetypes
* Proper file encoding behaviour without BOM added
* HTML ZenCoding implementation added (Control + B)
* Output panel is now searchable (Highlight, F3 and Shift+F3)
* Simple multiproject support with batch compiling added (1*)
* Compiler constants and timestamp added now automaticly
* Code completion is now fed with classes from SDK sources
* Japanese localization added (Settings -> SelectedLocale)
* HaXe on demand completion added (patch from filt3r)
* Additional keyword groups added to the config
* Code completion improvements and bug fixes
* General UI improvements and bug fixes
1*= Right click a project file or project node if you have multiple projects present [sample here]


* Get the debug Flash Player (You need: Projector and ActiveX)
Get Adobe Flex SDK. The free Flex SDK (2, 3 or 4) is required for ActionScript 3 development if you don’t use Flash CS*.
* Java 1.6+ is required for the Flex compiler (ActionScript 3).


Built from rev. 1000 [Updated from 999 to hide the incomplete profiler :]
Download FlashDevelop 3.1.0 RTM

ActionScript Errors ( #aserror ) Hashtag on Twitter


The other day working late  and trying to fix some ActionScript error,  I got the idea of starting a Twitter Hashtag (#aserror) for this kind of errors and bugs that If you try to solve on your own it may take some time ( even using Google or the Beta of ActionScripit Errors wich is very good by the way )  and with a close deadline  losing half an hour tracking those errors  may be relly significant.

So  my toughs went to twitter  where a bast community of Flash users share and help each other, it’s the perfect place to get some aid on a more personal level and get out fast of those ActionScript Errors that may have you stuck in sometimes common troubles.

Hope it helps someone i’ll start using the #aserror hashtag  and the number  describing the Error  and the solution ( hack ?) that  got me out of there.

And hope to get some more free time to also post some examples and tests of how to recreate those errors and solve them here on my blog.

Well I relly hope to get that little snowball rolling and see the rest of the community that’s alredy on Twitter start using the #aserror tag to help each other out.

I almost forgot….  I’m @swfgeek on Twitter in case anyone wants to follow my rambligs :)

Grupo W is Hiring

Grupo W is looking for ActionScript / Flex Developers if you’re interested don’t hesitate and send your CV here’s the Job info:

Company: Grupo W

Location: Saltillo, Coah. Mexico

Position: Flash ActionScript / Flex developer


Grupo W is looking for ActionScript / Flex Developers if you’re interested don’t hesitate and send your CV here’s the Job info:

Company: Grupo W

Location: Saltillo, Coah. Mexico

Position: Flash ActionScript / Flex developer


Mandatory technical skills:

• 3+ years experience in ActionScript 2.0 or 3.0 for Flash applications integrated with server-side web applications and CMS
• Papervision knowledge
• Experience implementing OOP concepts with ActionScript
• Experience integrating streaming media
• Building integrated data-driven applications
• Source control

Communication skills:

• Outstanding problem-solving and communication skills
• Available to work in-house during work hours – Monday – Friday
• Team player and leadership skills

Ideal additional skills:

• SWF address
• Experience in building social networking and community systems, which include context and video tagging, streaming media and other advanced online communication features

Desired additional skills:

• Experience in PHP/MySQL
• CMS experience

To Apply:

Please send a copy of your CV with portfolio and examples of sites directly to rcalderon@grupow.com

ActionScript 3 migration cookbook beta at Adobe Developer Connection


A new section on the Adobe Developer Connection it’s up , ActionScript 3 migration cookbook and it looks really usefull if you’re still using  ActionScript 2 on a regular basis this cookbook  would be a good migration point.

You can already see some entries online or download the pdf version of the ActionScript 3 migration cookbook

An excerpt form the site:
The ActionScript 3 migration cookbook beta provides a quick introduction to migrating to ActionScript 3 from ActionScript 2. It is targeted at designers and developers who have some experience scripting content within Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. It does not require an understanding of object-oriented programming.