Using Flash Player 10.2 in FDT4

In this post I will tell You how you can start playing with the new features of the Flash Player 10.2 Beta in FDT 4. I started using “Flash Builder Burrito” for the examples that I’ve been posting but I really missed the quick code hints and mostly the auto-import features of FDT4 that let me explore the new SDK without leaving my code to read the documentation, that said let’s move on.

Figure 1.

1.- The first thing You need to do is go to the Hero Stable Builds table and download the Flex SDK  build 18623 from there.

I usually have all my SDKs located in the same place in my disk “C:\SDKs” but You can put it on the desktop for easy location, once you have downloaded it decompress the zip in the location you chose. (Note: These builds do not contain any Hero mobile features or runtimes but it appears that the flex.swc that should be located in \frameworks\libs  is also missing you’ll need to include this from a previous build or FDT will output errors when adding the SDK to your project ).

Figure 2.

2.- Open FDT4 and go to >Window>Preferences and open the FDT tab and select Installed SDKs from that menu as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3.

Click on the Add  button and the SDK definition Panel will pop up select the directory where You have downloaded the Flex Hero SDK, if you have a previous Flex Hero SDK installed be sure to give a different name I called mine Flex Hero ( Flash Player 10.2  Beta).

Figure 4.

3.- Go to >File>New>New Flash Project select Empty AS3 project give your project a name and click the next button that will take You to the Flash Project Settings  in the SDK Configuration select your newly added SDK( see figure 5.) you will see that the Player Version changes to 10.2, click finish.

Figure 5.

4.- Right click in the project You just created select properties, go to the FDT Compiler menu and change the -target-player from “playerVersion” to “11”  this will let you test your projects without getting any version errors.

EDIT:   In this step You don’t need to change the “-target-player” argument leave it as is it will use the 10.2 version but you need to add the “-swf-version=11” argument, that way it won’t show errors when compiling.( Thanks to John Olson for pointing it out).

Figure 6.

5.- That’s it now You can test and compile the features including in the beta of  the Flash Player 10.2 and get  all the coding comfort of FDT4.

Figure 7.

Author: Dave Gamez

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