Adobe BrowserLab Preview at Adobe Labs


Just found that Adobe just launched a preview of Adobe Browser Lab  a tool for cross-browser testing of web pages and apps  as it would appear on different browsers and operating systems,and  it let’s you define browser sets for testing and set 1-up view 2-up view or onion-skin view,  check Adobe Labs for more info or visit Adobe BrowserLab


BrowserLab provides web designers exact renderings of their web pages in multiple browsers and operating systems, on demand. BrowserLab is a powerful solution for cross-browser compatibility testing, featuring multiple viewing and comparison tools, as well as customizable preferences. Since BrowserLab is an online service, it can be accessed from virtually any computer connected to the web. Also, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 software users have access to additional functionality such as testing local and active content.

Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

  • Firefox 2.X and 3.X (Windows XP and Mac OS X)
  • Internet Explorer 6.X and 7.X (Windows XP)
  • Safari 3.X (Mac OS X)

Viewing and Diagnostics Tools
Screenshots can be viewed in a single view, side by side view, or as an overlay view with variable transparency. Each viewing option features a zoom function.
Browser Sets
Browser Sets allow designers to customize, edit, and save a combination of browsers to test.

Author: Dave Gamez

Digital Craftsman from México and have more than 14 years of experience both in design and development in the digital field. I currently work in web, desktop, mobile and illustration projects alike and spend my time between being Technology Director at Team-O a Digital Studio I co-founded with Cecy Meade and doing consultancy work, when time allows it I like to experiment and tinker with code, animation and illustration.