Adobe Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst public beta available on Adobe Labs

flash_builder Flash Catalyst

Adobe Flash Builder 4  (formely  Flex Builder 4 ) and Adobe Flash Catalyst are out on Adobe Labs going to download and try them out before posting a proper review meanwhile more info on Ryan Stewart’s blog and Andrew Shorten’s Tutorial


Flash Builder 4 delivers a long list of new features, plus improvements to many existing features.There are three main themes to this release: developer productivity, designer-developer workflow, and data-centric application development. For an overview of the features included in this first public beta release, please read Tim Buntel’s What’s New in Flash Builder 4 article and watch the new feature videos. As always, the Flex 4 framework is included within Flash Builder, so please also read Matt Chotin’s What’s New in the Flex 4 SDK article.


Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ is a new professional interaction design tool for rapidly creating user interfaces without coding.

  • Transform artwork created in Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator® into functional user interfaces.
  • Create interactive prototypes with the ability to leverage them in the final product
  • Publish a finished project as a SWF file ready for distribution
  • Work more efficiently with developers who use Adobe Flash Builder™ 4 to create rich Internet applications (RIAs). Designers use Flash Catalyst to create the functional user experience then provide the project file to developers who use Flash Builder to add functionality and integrate with servers and services.

Go get Flash Builder 4

Go get Flash Catalyst
Flash Builder 4 Standalone Installer

Flash Builder 4 Plugin for Eclipse

Flex Component Kit for Adobe Flash Professional CS4

Flex 4 Test Automation Plug-in

Flash Catalyst Beta

More Adobe Resources:
Learn about Flash Builder 4

Learn about Flex 4 SDK

Working with Flash Builder 4

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Grupo W is Hiring

Grupo W is looking for ActionScript / Flex Developers if you’re interested don’t hesitate and send your CV here’s the Job info:

Company: Grupo W

Location: Saltillo, Coah. Mexico

Position: Flash ActionScript / Flex developer


Grupo W is looking for ActionScript / Flex Developers if you’re interested don’t hesitate and send your CV here’s the Job info:

Company: Grupo W

Location: Saltillo, Coah. Mexico

Position: Flash ActionScript / Flex developer


Mandatory technical skills:

• 3+ years experience in ActionScript 2.0 or 3.0 for Flash applications integrated with server-side web applications and CMS
• Papervision knowledge
• Experience implementing OOP concepts with ActionScript
• Experience integrating streaming media
• Building integrated data-driven applications
• Source control

Communication skills:

• Outstanding problem-solving and communication skills
• Available to work in-house during work hours – Monday – Friday
• Team player and leadership skills

Ideal additional skills:

• SWF address
• Experience in building social networking and community systems, which include context and video tagging, streaming media and other advanced online communication features

Desired additional skills:

• Experience in PHP/MySQL
• CMS experience

To Apply:

Please send a copy of your CV with portfolio and examples of sites directly to

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Adobe FLVPLayback Component Updated

Network DVR

Adobe released an update to the FLVPlayback component (v2.5.0.15) for Flash CS4 and Flex 3.

Excerpt from  Kevin’s blog. Go there for more detailed information

Today(22-may-09) we released two free tools; the new DVRCast application for Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5, and an update to FLVPlayback component. You can find them both on the Flash Media Server productivity tools page: You can read more from a new article from David Hassoun posted here:

DVRCast uses existing technology built into the server, DVRCast extends the server functionality with abilities to manage metadata, start and stop and scheduling of DVR-enabled streams.

Adobe  has updated the component to support DVR functionality. We now support this component in both Flash Professional CS4 and the Flex SDK.   The current version is FLVPlayback, and is included in the DVRCast download.   You can also download it separately.

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  • The HydraFramework is a prescriptive development framework for Flex that facilitates rapid development of encapsulated, scalable components and applications.
  • Adobe Flex is a great platform to work with for creating rich engaging applications of all sizes for the web and now the desktop with AIR. Now we are at Flex version 3 and the next version Flex 4, which is the SDK, and the editor now called Flash Builder are just around the corner.

    There are a number of resources, guides and articles that I use regularly when building Flex or AIR applications. This is a growing resource so bookmark the page and feel free to suggest anything that I may have missed.

    Here we go then:

Flex Builder gets renamed as Flash Builder

Flash Builder

So it finally happened  the IDE(Integrated development environment) known till now as Flex Builder it going to be    renamed as  Flash Builder , why ?  To me it’s easy It makes a lot more sense,  yes you can use the Flex Framework and yes you can use also build AIR apps and ActionScript 3.0 projects but at the end the result  its the same your project gets compiled as an .swf file , so maybe this rename of the IDE should have happened earlier,  it would have evited some confusion. This means that the Flex Framework it’s going to be renamed ? apparently no the flex framework stills and the Flex SDK stills the same but who better to explain it than Lee Brimelow and Duane “Chaos” Nickull check out their posts on the subject.

Hope this is the first step towards the process of integrating  the Flash tools and not just renaming them.  I haven’t used Flash IDE coding panel since who knows when, hope the Flash Builder and the Flash Professional IDES one day get along real well.


Serge Jespers (Adobe Platform Evangelist ) explains in a little more detail why the renaming of Flex Builder to Flash Builder.

Keith Peters thoughts on Flash Builder

Ryan Stewart post Flex Builder “Gumbo” is Being Renamed Flash Builder

Lee Brimelow’s Flash Builder rebrand FAQ

Peter Elst Flex Builder gets rebranded to Flash Builder

Mihai Corlan (Adobe Platform Evangelist ) About the rebranding of Flex Builder into Flash Builder

Chuck Freedman The FlashFlex name game.

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Flash CS4 Professional Update (10.0.2) Now Available

Flash CS4

So finally Flash CS4 gets it’s much deserved update, I’m glad some of the mayor bugs on it seems to have been solved according to

Adobe Flash® CS4 Professional (10.0.2) addresses a number of performance issues. Some key fixes are:

  • Fixed a performance issues when dragging objects on stage, scrubbing the timeline, or entering symbol edit mode in large AS 2.0 and AS 3.0 files.
  • Fixed a performance issues when opening large files or files with many nested symbols.
  • Fixed a performance issues when working in the library such as scrolling, selecting items in the library, dragging item to stage, or editing symbol from library.

It also addresses several crashes involving creating a text fields on stage and opening specific files with corrupted fonts.  The font issue was causing many people to suffer crashes because Flash was not handling inappropriate or corrupted fonts very gracefully.

Hurry up and download the update here !!!

And The complete list of Fixed Bugs on this release WOW  lots of things fixed :

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • AS2 Doc Crashes CS4 when buttons not rendered correctly
  • Auto Format beaks the code if encounters ++ or — with an array inside if statement
  • Clicking through movie clip with large preview takes long to select in the Library in AS 3.0 file
  • Scrubbing and pressing Enter to play timeline is not smooth, slower in AS3 documents
  • W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter
  • 3D tools appear incorrectly to a child movie clip when applying skew and rotation to the parent 2d movie clip.
  • Changing W/H for nested 2d>3d movie clip from PI does not work. After scrubbing the hot text, it snaps back to the original size.
  • Dragging from Library to Stage is slow in some files in CS4
  • Selecting items in the library is slow in CS4
  • Scrolling the library (vertical scroll bar) is slow compared to CS3
  • In a FLA with lots of library items, double clicking a symbol “in the edit mode” hangs Flash on Mac.
  • Library contents explode CS4 memory (CS3 sits at 75M)
  • Performance issue with Stagecore (AS 3.0 fla) – scrubbing, moving, altering objects.
  • Object visibility is compromised when created inside empty groups in AS 3.0 fla files.
  • Double clicking symbol or symbol name in library hangs Flash; library contains a lot of items
  • Text with device font disappears when it is selectable
  • Component parameters don’t work for scenes greater than scene 1
  • Selecting frames with textfields is a lot slower if the Components Inspector panel is opened
  • Empty maskee incorrectly renders mask invisible rather than visible
  • Crash when opening a  fla that uses a font symbol whose name was identical to the Postscript name of the underlying font and the font is missing
  • Optimize a section within a shape leaves gaps in the shape
  • Optimize opening and closing FLA files, frame manipulation for FLAs with many frames
  • Win only: Crash on exit when the text field is in edit mode and clicking X button to quit without save
  • Compiler errors when opening “Air Settings” while adl still running.
  • (screens) timeline playhead can’t scrub and jitters when playing anything that spans frames
  • gotoAndPlay(“framelabel”) compiles differently in CS3 versus CS4
  • Scrubbing the timeline and selecting frames is much slower in CS4 than in CS3
  • Crash when creating a text object on stage when there are corrupted fonts
  • Graphic symbol looping setting changes when apply color effect to instance in PI
  • Files with lots of nested clips suffer from performance issue (file open) in Flash CS4
  • Edit in Place of 2d objects which has 3d movieclips nested inside is not functioning correctly.
  • Edit in place is slow for complex instances in FP10 documents
  • Breaking apart a nested movie clip erases instance name of child movie clip
  • Efficient calculation between keyframes so dragging is faster and generally makes people happier if spans are long and complex.
  • AS3 Components not compiling correctly when using the Component Definition dialog
  • Window Only: Flash crashes when double clicking a fla to open while a current fla is opened with text block selected
  • Can’t interact with Flash because modal dialog is up, but hidden behind the workspace when switching between applications
  • From crash reporter: crash on Mac when double click to enter symbol edit mode (when the black dotted rectangle is drawn)
  • Mac IDE flashes when right-clicking on Library after doing Test Movie
  • Performance is slow after double clicking movie clip to enter edit mode and exit
  • Setting an instance’s width and/or height to 1 makes W and H hot text unusable in the vertical PI.
  • Hot text in the Vertical PI for X, Y, W, H displays only 1 decimal point while edit field displays 2
  • Export image: Dimension values in Export dialog and Vertical PI do not match which is misleading to user.
  • Crash when selecting text field on stage with many fonts on user’s system.
  • Text PI is stuck and some controls on the PI are not drawn with certain fonts on user’s system
  • The JSAPI that allows users to publish FLA files without opening them was inadvertently removed when the Project Panel was deprecated.  fl.publishDocument( flaURI [, publishProfile] ) is added.
  • “Export classes in frame” behavior is different in CS3 than in CS4
  • Drag and drop large nested symbol from library to stage hangs Flash
  • Dragging from Library to Stage slow on subsequent drag or after scrubbing the timeline
  • Scrubbing and pressing Enter to play timeline is not smooth, slower in AS3 documents
  • W and H of instance incorrect after frame 2 if apply tween to instance with filter
  • Large amounts of text nested in a symbol causes performance problems in non-AS3 documents
  • Playback in authoring is not smooth (playhead skips frames), cannot stop it when hitting enter, eventually hangs and takes long to respond (both AS 2.0 and AS 3.0)
  • Performance Creating Exported Symbol when the classpath contains lots of files and folder
  • Create ease, undo after first edit removes ease
  • Selecting and deselecting raw shape after convert to symbol spikes memory and/or crashes
  • FLA crash on open when fonts loaded
  • Mac only: User input resets to previous setting when attempting to change any value in Vertical PI input area
  • Accessing a Windows SWF after it has been moved or deleted crashes Flash
  • Crashing when re-opening FLA after canceling publish
  • Crash in test movie when running a file with video and filters

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