WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” is Out

wordpress 2.7 coltrane

I usually just post Flash Platform related stuff in this blog, but I’ll make an exception, why ? because the new version of WordPress(2.7 “Coltrane”) the Blog engine that I use it’s simply amazing , lots of changes in the Admin area you can almost customize everything, you can install plugins directly  without the need to download them, and also upgrade your WordPress automatically without messing around with FTP, ok enough talking check this video to judge by yourself.

New Features

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for comment moderation:
  2. Sticky Posts:
  3. Theme update API
  4. Dashboard and write box rearranging
  5. One click plugin installs
  6. Reply to comments from admin
  7. *Core Updating
  8. Frame-like method for moderating ping/tracbacks
  9. Seperate Large and Full images sizes, related improvements
  10. Comment Threading
  11. Comment Paging
  12. HTTPOnly cookies
  13. Column hiding for all management pages
  14. Templae Tage wp_page_menu wrapper for wp_list_pages

Download WordPress 2.7  here (  I highly recommend it   )
See WordPress’s development  post about 2.7 version here

Author: Dave Gamez

Digital Craftsman from México and have more than 14 years of experience both in design and development in the digital field. I currently work in web, desktop, mobile and illustration projects alike and spend my time between being Technology Director at Team-O a Digital Studio I co-founded with Cecy Meade and doing consultancy work, when time allows it I like to experiment and tinker with code, animation and illustration.