Flash on your TV Adobe secures set- top deal

Flash On TV

According the BBC-News Site Adobe it’s securing a set-top deal that would let flash content be delivered on TV sets that would mean that as a developer you will now have the opportunity to build rich experiences across pc, mobile , and now TV.

Here’s a quick excerpt from BBC’s article:

Adobe has secured a deal to put its Flash software into many of the chips that go inside TVs and set-top boxes.

It will enable developers and content providers to create applications to deliver web-based content such as news, weather and share prices to TV screens.

Flash will be included on most chips -those made by Broadcom, Intel, NXP and STMicroelectronics – but the deal does not cover TVs made by Sony and Samsung.

The first applications using Flash are expected to hit TV sets early in 2010.

Sony and Samsung already have a number of connected TVs on the market, but they are using Yahoo’s rich media platform of widgets instead of Flash.

Definitely,there’s qute some interesting stuff it’s going around the Flash Technology these days you can read the full article on BBC’s site