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  • The HydraFramework is a prescriptive development framework for Flex that facilitates rapid development of encapsulated, scalable components and applications.
  • Adobe Flex is a great platform to work with for creating rich engaging applications of all sizes for the web and now the desktop with AIR. Now we are at Flex version 3 and the next version Flex 4, which is the SDK, and the editor now called Flash Builder are just around the corner.

    There are a number of resources, guides and articles that I use regularly when building Flex or AIR applications. This is a growing resource so bookmark the page and feel free to suggest anything that I may have missed.

    Here we go then:

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  • VizualPV3D is a Flash Visualization Application that provides a GUI interface to create and manipulate objects in 3D scenes using Papervision3D.

    VizualPV3D was originally created by JUXT Sr. ActionScripter, Gary Stasiuk, to help produce the Adobe Brilliant site. Over the past few months Gary has invested a great deal of time and passion into evolving this labor of love so he can share it with the world.

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