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I recently got interviewed at OdinJobs by Carl Williams for the careers blogs section of the site.

I found out that  Anand Vardhan who is a fellow  developer specialized in Rich Internet Application development. got interviewed there as well.

The interview was called Right Brain, Left Brain Approach to Adobe FLASH, and guess who’s got the right brain approach.

There we talk a little of  how the creative side and technical side of the Flash Platform get mashed together.

Check it Here

A little about OdinJobs:

Odin collects jobs from job boards, corporate websites, groups etc. At last count Odin is collecting over million jobs from 50,000 companies.

To fulfill the key part of our mission – get the “Right” It job, Odin features a matching technology that sifts through all the jobs and selects the right ones based on your qualification, experience and preference.

Instead of using keywords and displaying 1000’s of weak to irrelevant jobs, Odin employs language processing and artificial intelligence to determine the fitness of a job for you and shows you only the right ones.

We want you to find the right IT job. We want to make your search easier and faster and more relevant.

Interviewed at New Web Pick Ezine Issue No. 14

New Web Pick Issue 14

I usually don’t mix things up and use this blog only to flash related things but I’m very happy to announce that New Web Pick has launched the Number 14 Issue of their Ezine, that includes an interview they did to your friendly neighbor Dave Gamez related to my work as an Illustrator. So be sure to check it out and buy it, there is a free version of it, but it’s worth every penny so get yourself the Full Issue and check out Page N0. 440.