Daily Processing Code Sketch!

Hello You all,

I know this blog has been silent this last few months but i’m currently thinking of doing a redesign of it among other things such as change the “SWFGeek” (nickname, domain name, twitter, etc..) due to the fact that i’m not longer working on just Flash projects and will be making a lot of new post on different and more general programming subjects so theres not any sense in keeping the “Flash Only” look of the site. That said, on to what this post is about.

On the beginning of last month I started to play with Processing once again as some of you might know besides writing lines of code i also do illustration work and love to be doodling all the time, so i was writing this sketch and having a wonderful time and i thought to myself wouldn’t it be a great exercise to do at least one of this sketches everyday? So that’s what this daily sketch project will be about.

So heres an image showing this past month sketches:

March Daily Sketches
March Daily Sketches

I’m currently working on a small site for the project meanwhile you can keep track on the following links:

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/davegamez/funscript/

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidgamez/

Instagram : http://instagram.com/davegamez

Twitter: https://twitter.com/funscript

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Where on earth is SWFGEEK ?

Hello there !!!

First of all a big apology to all the readers of this humble blog, the more I want to keep it updated the less time I have to do it.

So where have I been ? Mostly working, doing some of my illustration work experimenting with code when I have the time and teaching a class at Grupo W.

One of the first things on why I started this blog was to share some examples that will help it’s readers to get started with the Flash Platform as well of some of my personal experiments with ActionScript,  but  due to work and my other projects (mainly illustration ones) I’ve paid less attention to the blog than it deserves, and about a month ago I started thinking that the blog  went to a totally different direction than originally intended and started being more and more about Flash ( Adobe ) news and releases, don’t get me wrong I still love the Flash Platform and the effort all the Adobe guys put into it, but it was getting far too much about  “news” and less and less about experimentation or examples. Besides that, I starting playing with some other visual coding tools such as Processing, OpenFrameworks, CINDER, etc. and thanks to that and to the class that I’m teaching about code experimentation at The Digital Invaders school I remembered why i started with Flash anyways, and it was not about ComboBoxes it was about making experiments and visuals with the aid of ActionScript, so I’m getting to the point where I can no longer only talk about Flash , this blog will still be all about Flash Platform but will be focused on tutorials, experiments and examples and surely will still be posting when something big happens on the Flash Platform. Meanwhile for my explorations with Flash and other code tools, I’m using the domain www.funscript.net ( FunScript is the name of the class that I teach at GrupoW ´s Digital Invaders school) where the students and myself will be posting experiments and things we like that we find on the web.

Thank You and happy coding.

Dave Gamez