Adobe Flash Media Playback

The new Adobe Flash Media Playback is a free, standard media player for the flash platform, it can be used in any site with only a few lines of HTML, enabling playback of video and other media in minutes. Its extensible plug-in architecture enables easy integration with content delivery networks. There’s a easy to use configuration page to set up the look and feel of Your Player. A thing to note it’s that this is not the Open Source version  Strobe Media Playback. so if you want to dive in to the code of the player itself that’s probably a best solution, but if you are looking for a fast way to deliver video content in your blog or site try Adobe Flash Media Playback


Easy configuration
Easily configure the standard functionality of Adobe® Flash® Media Playback. Control capabilities such as autoplay, autohide controls, poster frame definition, control bar positioning, and more — without the use of Adobe Flash authoring tools.

Custom look and feel
Completely replace each of the existing elements of the standard user interface with your own custom artwork.

Streamlined standard functionality
Eliminate duplicate efforts by leveraging the logic built into Flash Media Playback. Enjoy support for standard playback functions such as play/pause/stop, rewind, fast forward, DVR, multibitrate switching, and video navigation.

Integration of latest Adobe Flash Platform features
Enable quick integration of the latest Flash Platform features such as HTTP Dynamic Streaming and DVR functionality.

High-quality, multiprotocol support
Deliver the highest quality playback experience for the given bandwidth, detect and recover from error conditions, and improve overall user experience by working with the latest features of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Flash Media Server 3.5 software and HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

Open source file specifications
Achieve a live streaming experience using the MP4 fragment format, the industry standard for adaptive bitrate delivery, including open file format specifications for the media and manifest formats.

Plug-ins for advertising, analytics, and content delivery networks
Enhance your media player to monetize and track your content by utilizing plug-ins for advertising, analytics, and content delivery networks. Flash Media Playback allows you to load plug-ins hosted by partners dynamically, allowing your services to be upgraded without any changes to your website.