Flash Player 10 Beta 2 released

Flash Player  SWF

The new Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta 2 has been released yesterday on Adobe Labs, with some improved and new features, like some enhancement of the Audio API, new Loader.unloadAndStop for easier garbage collecting, Linux WMODE, and some changes in the FullScreen keyboard access. for more info and download check Adobe Labs Flash Player 10.

SWF Searchability a dream about to come true ?

Flash Player  SWF SEO

According to Adobe a long time headache for the developers of Flash Content its about to reach its end as Adobe is joining efforts with the major search industry leaders (A.K.A. Google & Yahoo), to optimize the way they index the Flash file format (SWF) , they claim that Google has already begun using their search spiders on live SWF Applications as if they where users, this thanks to Flash Player technology that Adobe has provide them. In the F.A.Q. that Adobe released today, they also say that as Developer you need to do nothing that all RIAS and content published under the SWF format will benefit from this although they’re beginning with the search of dynamic text and links in rich content created with Adobe Flash technology, and that it’s happening right now at least on Google.
To good to be true ? Let’s wait and see.

The Adobe SWF searchability FAQ

Flash Player 10 Beta on Adobe Labs

Adobe Labs has released the beta version of the Flash Player 10 codenamed Astro, the new version includes new expressive features and visual performance improvements that allow interactive designers and developers to build the richest and most immersive Web experiences.

Some of the new stuff that Astro is capable of are:
3D Effects – Easily transform and animate any display object through 3D space while retaining full interactivity. Fast, lightweight, and native 3D effects make motion that was previously reserved for expert users available to everyone. Complex effects are simple with APIs that extend what you already know.
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Adobe opens the SWF and FLV formats

Adobe has just dropped the licensing restrictions on the SWF and FLV formats as part of the open screen project .

Here’s an excerpt of the text in the Open Screen Project’s site.
The Open Screen Project is dedicated to driving consistent rich Internet experiences across televisions, personal computers, mobile devices, and consumer electronics. The Open Screen Project is supported by technology leaders, including Adobe, ARM, Chunghwa Telecom, Cisco, Intel, LG Electronics Inc., Marvell, Motorola, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Verizon Wireless, and leading content providers, including BBC, MTV Networks, and NBC Universal, who want to deliver rich Web and video experiences, live and on-demand across a variety of devices.
Specifically, this work will include:

* Removing restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V specifications
* Publishing the device porting layer APIs for Adobe Flash Player
* Publishing the Adobe Flash® Cast™ protocol and the AMF protocol for robust data services
* Removing licensing fees – making next major releases of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for devices free.

What does this means for us developers ? It means that now you can use this formats to create players that read in this formats… exiting huhh !!!!.
More info and a video of Kevin Lynch Adobe CTO explaining more deeply what this means for the developer community visit the Developer section of the Open Screen Project on Adobe’s site.

Flash Player 9 (Flash Player 9,0,124,0) Security Update

Flash Player Update

Adobe hast just released (as a matter of fact on April 8 of 2008, but haven’t had the time to write this post until now) the Flash Player 9 (9,0,124,0), to strengthen the security of the player and to cover previous vulnerabilities.
This update will take effect on your content if:
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Got Bugs? Adobe Flash Player Bug and Issue Management System Released

Flash Player Bug and Issue Management System
The Adobe Flash Player bug and issue management system is now available for use by external users. Use this system to enter bug reports and to search for existing reports related to Adobe Flash Player.

You can also post and keep track of AIR, Blaze DS and Flex 3 SDK Issues.

So go and check your Bugs

Flash Player 9 Update Version

Flash Player 9 Update

The new Flash Player 9 update is available with some cool new features as it’s new support for H.264 video and caption, this is an important release, so now you have the option of playing high definition video and caption to your videos using the caption support released on Flash CS3 and the addition of MSAA support for Firefox.

The new player version is 9,0,115,0 and you can get it at http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer.
so don,t wait any longer and go get it

Adobe Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition in Adobe Labs

Adobe Flash Lite 3

Adobe Labs has released a Developer Edition of the Flash Lite Player Version 3, the next version of the player for the mobile market, with new video and dynamic content capabilities. The first shipping devices with Flash Lite 3 pre-installed will be Nokia S60 models and will be available in Q1 2008.

Here’s the info from Adobe Labs:

The Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition is a standalone player for supported mobile phones to allow developers to test their Flash Lite 3 applications before commercial devices start shipping with the full version of Flash Lite 3 pre-installed. This installer only supports standalone content and cannot be used to view SWF files that are embedded in a mobile web browser or to test any type of personalization content such as wallpapers or screensavers.

Important: This player is meant only for developers and not for consumers. It is not authorized for commercial distribution and cannot be distributed to consumers or bundled with any Flash Lite content.

Visit Adobe Labs Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition, for download and more information.

SHARE beta On Adobe Labs

SHARE beta Adobe

SHARE Detail

Hi everyone I just discovered this great app on the Adobe Labs although it’s up since 1 of October I didn’t pay much attention to it. Share it’s a wonderful app that lets You upload share and preview documents online, what do You need to use it simple, an Adobe id and documents to share, it works this way You log in to share and upload your files then you select with who you want to share it by adding e-mail adresses (nothing it’s attached to the receiver only a link to your shared files) then you can select whereas the file its for public viewing ( to everyone that knows the adress of the file ) or if it’s private (only viewable to the persons you added on the list). You can access it from any computer and embed the content in webpages.
And it’s all on Flash Player you don’t need anything but the Flash Player 9 to view it and use it.
So check it out, it’s a beta but it’s seems very promising.


Here’s what Adobe says about it:
Welcome to a preview of Adobe’s latest online offering codenamed “Share”, a free web-based service that allows you to easily share, publish and organize your documents.

With Share you can:

* Send documents without email attachments.
* Access your documents from anywhere.
* View all the documents you have shared or received in one place.
* Post a link to your document on a wiki or blog.
* Embed a Flash preview of your document on any website.
* Limit access to a document to a list of recipients.

And here’s the link: Adobe SHARE beta.

Flash Lite 3 Update for Flash CS3 Professional

A great update for Flash Lite Developers
Flash Lite 3

Author, test, and publish mobile content for the latest release of Flash Lite software, which can support video (FLV) and rendering of SWF files for Flash Player 8 when integrated within a mobile phone or embedded web browser. Authoring support for Flash Lite requires both an update to Device Central CS3 as well as an update to Flash CS3 Professional software.

Download the update for Flash CS3 here
Download the update for Device Central CS3 here