Adobe Flash Media Playback

The new Adobe Flash Media Playback is a free, standard media player for the flash platform, it can be used in any site with only a few lines of HTML, enabling playback of video and other media in minutes. Its extensible plug-in architecture enables easy integration with content delivery networks. There’s a easy to use configuration page to set up the look and feel of Your Player. A thing to note it’s that this is not the Open Source version  Strobe Media Playback. so if you want to dive in to the code of the player itself that’s probably a best solution, but if you are looking for a fast way to deliver video content in your blog or site try Adobe Flash Media Playback


Easy configuration
Easily configure the standard functionality of Adobe® Flash® Media Playback. Control capabilities such as autoplay, autohide controls, poster frame definition, control bar positioning, and more — without the use of Adobe Flash authoring tools.

Custom look and feel
Completely replace each of the existing elements of the standard user interface with your own custom artwork.

Streamlined standard functionality
Eliminate duplicate efforts by leveraging the logic built into Flash Media Playback. Enjoy support for standard playback functions such as play/pause/stop, rewind, fast forward, DVR, multibitrate switching, and video navigation.

Integration of latest Adobe Flash Platform features
Enable quick integration of the latest Flash Platform features such as HTTP Dynamic Streaming and DVR functionality.

High-quality, multiprotocol support
Deliver the highest quality playback experience for the given bandwidth, detect and recover from error conditions, and improve overall user experience by working with the latest features of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Flash Media Server 3.5 software and HTTP Dynamic Streaming.

Open source file specifications
Achieve a live streaming experience using the MP4 fragment format, the industry standard for adaptive bitrate delivery, including open file format specifications for the media and manifest formats.

Plug-ins for advertising, analytics, and content delivery networks
Enhance your media player to monetize and track your content by utilizing plug-ins for advertising, analytics, and content delivery networks. Flash Media Playback allows you to load plug-ins hosted by partners dynamically, allowing your services to be upgraded without any changes to your website.

Where on earth is SWFGEEK ?

Hello there !!!

First of all a big apology to all the readers of this humble blog, the more I want to keep it updated the less time I have to do it.

So where have I been ? Mostly working, doing some of my illustration work experimenting with code when I have the time and teaching a class at Grupo W.

One of the first things on why I started this blog was to share some examples that will help it’s readers to get started with the Flash Platform as well of some of my personal experiments with ActionScript,  but  due to work and my other projects (mainly illustration ones) I’ve paid less attention to the blog than it deserves, and about a month ago I started thinking that the blog  went to a totally different direction than originally intended and started being more and more about Flash ( Adobe ) news and releases, don’t get me wrong I still love the Flash Platform and the effort all the Adobe guys put into it, but it was getting far too much about  “news” and less and less about experimentation or examples. Besides that, I starting playing with some other visual coding tools such as Processing, OpenFrameworks, CINDER, etc. and thanks to that and to the class that I’m teaching about code experimentation at The Digital Invaders school I remembered why i started with Flash anyways, and it was not about ComboBoxes it was about making experiments and visuals with the aid of ActionScript, so I’m getting to the point where I can no longer only talk about Flash , this blog will still be all about Flash Platform but will be focused on tutorials, experiments and examples and surely will still be posting when something big happens on the Flash Platform. Meanwhile for my explorations with Flash and other code tools, I’m using the domain ( FunScript is the name of the class that I teach at GrupoW ´s Digital Invaders school) where the students and myself will be posting experiments and things we like that we find on the web.

Thank You and happy coding.

Dave Gamez

Adobe Flash CS5 Review pt 1: The XFL file format

Ok this will be the first of  a series of post of some of the new features of Adobe Flash CS5, and I say some because the new Flash comes with tons of new and improved features that said lest move on.

Flash CS5 Features 01 XML-Based-Flas (XFL) from David Gamez on Vimeo.

In Flash CS5 there’s a new file format in the house that it’s called .XFL  that is a new  XML based  format that allows You to exchange and work on files more easy, how to use it ?  just save your file  as .xfl in this way all your assets and properties are not packaged in a .fla file instead they will be saved in a folder structure that you can open and modify without the Flash ide, the properties of the document and graphic elements of the library are exported in XML files and  can be edited from any text editor and modify its properties. Even Actionscript code of the frames is exported.

I see this feature as a very neat one that will let us have more control over our Flash work and expands the possibilities for new types of workflow.

Until the next feature,  See You around.

Interviewed at

Last Friday ActionScriptHero published an interview with Your friendly neighbor swfgeek, I´m very flattered to give an interview for one of the sites that has helped so much to shape the Flash Platform Community.

Special thanks to Pablo Parrado for the invitation,  and check out the interview at

Adobe Flash Platform ActionScript 3.0 Reference

Flash Platform ActionScript 3.0 Reference

This is a short post but a helpful one in case You haven’t noticed it The ActionScript 3.0 reference for the Adobe  Flash Platform it’s out of beta and works great letting You select and filter out your results by APIs, frameworks, platform and more, and its information it’s not only of ActionScript 3.0 but also for Flex, TLF,  AIR, LiveCycle, ColdFusion and more. So if you need help in finding some information and see the inner works of those API’s be sure to check it out, it’s a must have in any Developer library.

Flash Catalyst Workshop at Adobe Influxis Latin Flash Tour


Adobe Influxis Latin Flash Tour is an event targeting all enthusiasts of the Flash Platform in Latin America. It will discuss the latest news of Flash for iPhone, Flash CS5, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and more.

As you might know the Adobe Influxis Latin Flash Tour has already started and has gone through the cities of  Santiago – Chile, Buenos Aires –  Argentina,  Lima – Peru and will continue on Nov 13th in Bogotá – Colombia , Nov 16th in San Jose -Costa Rica  and will be closing on  Nov 18th in Mexico City  – Mexico.

FLAT Latin Flash Tour

I was invited by the organizers (RIAHispano, RIActive and FlashMC) of the event in Mexico( .FLAT  Latin Flash Tour ) to participate giving a  Flash Catalyst Workshop where I will be talking about what is and how to use Adobe Flash Catalyst in a production environment. The workshops will be held in Nov. 17 a day before the conference From the folks of Adobe.

Registration for my workshop has finished but there are still space in some of the other workshops and conferences that are equally interesting and taught by very talented people of the Latin Flash Community, both the conferences and workshops that will be given that day are completely free so all you will need is to register and bring your Laptop to be part of them. Click here to  see the workshops schedule and availability.

The conferences by Lee Brimelow (United States), Evangelist at Adobe focusing on the Flash Platform and Flex developer communities and AIR , Mike Chambers (United States), Principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash Platform at Adobe, Enrique Duvos (Spain), Group Manager of the Flash Platform evangelists in Europe will be held in Nov 18 .

I thank the organizers of this event for their invitation and for being  the people that will make the Latin Flash Tour Mexico happen,  in particular Edgar Parada ( @edgarparada ) who has been my contact all this days.

The official site for the event in Mexico is: be sure to check it for more info and details on the event.

See you there.

Keep updated on Twitter: Use #latinflashtour hashtag and follow the account @latinflashtour

Adobe Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition in Adobe Labs

Adobe Flash Lite 3

Adobe Labs has released a Developer Edition of the Flash Lite Player Version 3, the next version of the player for the mobile market, with new video and dynamic content capabilities. The first shipping devices with Flash Lite 3 pre-installed will be Nokia S60 models and will be available in Q1 2008.

Here’s the info from Adobe Labs:

The Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition is a standalone player for supported mobile phones to allow developers to test their Flash Lite 3 applications before commercial devices start shipping with the full version of Flash Lite 3 pre-installed. This installer only supports standalone content and cannot be used to view SWF files that are embedded in a mobile web browser or to test any type of personalization content such as wallpapers or screensavers.

Important: This player is meant only for developers and not for consumers. It is not authorized for commercial distribution and cannot be distributed to consumers or bundled with any Flash Lite content.

Visit Adobe Labs Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition, for download and more information.

Flash Lite 3 Update for Flash CS3 Professional

A great update for Flash Lite Developers
Flash Lite 3

Author, test, and publish mobile content for the latest release of Flash Lite software, which can support video (FLV) and rendering of SWF files for Flash Player 8 when integrated within a mobile phone or embedded web browser. Authoring support for Flash Lite requires both an update to Device Central CS3 as well as an update to Flash CS3 Professional software.

Download the update for Flash CS3 here
Download the update for Device Central CS3 here