Apollo Cheat Sheets Released

Sean Moore has released 3 Apollo cheatsheets So if you’re a developer starting with Apollo, these are very usefull. All of the new Apollo Classes are on the sheets. Be sure to check the Blog to see all the cheatsheets. Keep up the good work Sean.

Apollo Cheatsheets

Here are the links:

Apollo mx.controls & mx.core Cheatsheet

Apollo flash.display & flash.events Cheatsheet

Apollo flash.filesystem, flash.html & flash.system Cheatsheet

Adobe Media Player Announced

This video comes from the Web 2.0 Expo where Kevin Lynch was presenting found on Daniel Dura’s weblog

Adobe is going to release a DRM solution for Flash Video via Adobe Media Player.(one of Adobe firs Apollo Apps) This player was anounced at NAB and with it the consumers will be able to play FLV content right in their desktop ( Mac and Win System Linux support will follow ) and the publishers of the content will have the option to restrict the content in various forms its suppose to have a Beta Version in the summer some of its features will be:

– Double click an FLV file to play it inside the Media Player, including HD footage, and do so cross platform.
– Stream, download and manage FLV content, watch it offline.
– Create Playlists.
– Automatically download your favourite shows.
– Protect FLV content both in downloadable and streaming format.
– Track your content.

Yummy can’t wait to have my hands on this baby.

A new update on the Flash Player 9

Adobe have released an update to Flash Player 9, the Flash Player is out and fixes some bugs that could affect content created with Flash CS3 Professional.That lead me to think that it’s the first time that a Flash Authoring Tool will come after its corresponding SWF Player release wish in my personal thinking it’s good because there’s already a good acceptance number (Flash Player 9 at 83.4% in the March 2007 penetration study) on the player, that means less”You have to update Your Flash Player for the content we made” when the Adobe Flash CS3 comes out. Emmy Huang, Group Product Manager for the Flash Player team, has a blog post that goes over the update in detail.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Flash CS 3 Pro) Launched

Finally the Adobe CS3 is launched and with it the new IDE of our beloved Flash is out; Just by the look of it we can see how much effort the Adobe folks have put in giving us the most complete and competitive tools on the Design and Production industry.
The new Creative Suite comes in all shapes and sizes divided in packages depending on the work environment that you need for doing an especific task wish are the following:

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection.
Wish comprehends all the suite tools in one package.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium
Wish is the necesary tools for Video production and post-production.A little side note
on this one It seems that the people at Adobe decided to dish away the
Production Studio and now the tools of that suite are part
of the CS3 too (After Effects, Premiere,… etc.).

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium.

all the tools you need for Printed Design plus some of the web tools.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium.
At least but not at last the web premium wish has all the tools necesary for the Web Designer including of course our beloved Flash.


Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator import
Import Adobe? Photoshop? (PSD) and Adobe Illustrator? (AI) files, while preserving layers and structure, and then edit them in Adobe Flash? CS3 Professional. Optimize and customize the files during import with advanced options.

Frame-based timeline
Quickly add motion to your creations with the easy-to-use, highly controllable, frame-based timeline inspired by traditional animation principles such as keyframing and tweening.

Shape primitives
Easily create pie wedges, round off rectangle corners, define an inner circle radius, and do much more. Visually adjust shape properties on the stage. And create custom shapes with the included JavaScript API.

ActionScript 3.0 development
Save time with the new ActionScript? 3.0 language, featuring improved performance, increased flexibility, and more intuitive and structured development.

Sophisticated video tools
Create, edit, and deploy streaming and progressive-download FLV content with comprehensive video support. Ensure the best video experience with a standalone video encoder, alpha channel support, a high-quality video codec, embedded cue points, video import support, QuickTime import, closed captioning, and much more.

MP3 audio support
Integrate audio into your projects by importing MP3 files. Integration with Adobe Soundbooth? makes it easy to edit files as needed, without requiring audio production experience.

Rich drawing capabilities
Visually adjust shape properties on the stage with smart shape drawing tools, create precise vector illustrations with the new Pen tool inspired by Adobe Illustrator, paste illustrations from Illustrator CS3 into Flash CS3, and more.

Extensible architecture
Leverage the Flash application programming interfaces (APIs) to easily develop extensions that add custom functionality.

Convert animation to ActionScript
Instantly convert timeline animations into ActionScript 3.0 code that can be easily edited, reused, and leveraged by developers. Copy animations from one object to another.

Adobe Device Central
Design, preview, and test mobile device content using Adobe Device Central CS3, now integrated throughout Adobe Creative Suite? 3. Create and test interactive applications and interfaces viewable with Flash Lite? software.

Below are some screenshots of the new Flash CS3 Professional (click on them to see a larger image ) :

The new Flash CS3:
The New Flash IDE

A General description:
A General Review

Here’s a link to the page ( by the way a very nice one ) they put up for the Suite.

Apollo Alpha is Out !!!!

Apollo Alpha

Today (19-March-2007) Adobe? released the alpha version of Apollo the runtime technology who promises to let you build cross-operating system desktop aplications using your hard earned existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax).

Here’s what they say about it:
Apollo enables developers to create applications that combine the benefits of web applications ? network and user connectivity, rich media content, ease of development, and broad reach ? with the strengths of desktop applications ? application interactions, local resource access, personal settings, powerful functionality, and rich interactive experiences.

You can check it out at: