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Hello You all,

I’m pretty glad to announce that I will be giving a Starling talk for the Hawaii Flash User Group the  meeting will be on-line through Connect  the next 22 of November at  05:00 PM – 06:00 PM (GMT-5 Eastern Time US & Canada).

Here’s the description of what we’ll be seeing:

Starling Tips & Tricks

Starling is a free Open Source Game Engine built on top of Adobe’s Flash technology developed by Gamua the creators of the Sparrow Game Framework for iOS, it runs not only in the browser, but on all major mobile platforms out there, including iOS and Android.


I’ve been using Starling in my last projects and learned a few tips & tricks that I want to share with You in the course of this meeting.


Although Starling can be used for Desktop & Browser projects I’ll be focusing on Starling for Mobile more specifically for the iOS platform, I will show You how to develop a simple game that runs on iPhone/iPad both in SD and HD resolutions using a single code base.


Things we’ll see on the meeting:


  • How to set up your Starling project in FDT IDE.
  • Create and prepare your Textures using Texture Packer.
  • Set up your main class file so your game runs both on iPhone/iPad SD and Retina displays.
  • Set up your Assets class so it grabs the proper texture based on the device your game is running.
  • Create and implement Bitmap Fonts for your game texts using Glyph Designer
  • Test Debug and Profile your application both on the simulator and on physical devices.
  • Set up and export your final iOS application.

Thanks for reading and hope to see You there!

More info at:

Hawaii Flash Adobe User Group:

RSVP at Meetup:

Facebook Event:


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Posted by Dave Gamez   @   5 November 2012 2 comments
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Nov 23, 2012
8:53 am
#1 roughrabbit :

Hello, I missed it… due to child emergency. Was it recorded? Is it possible to get hold of your talk anywhere please?

Author Nov 24, 2012
12:08 am
#2 swfgeek :

Hello there,

Yes, the recording will be up tomorrow, I’ll post the link here as soon as a i get it.


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