I’ll be taking a sabbatical out of development work.

To some of You this might surprise You, others might not care at all but, here it goes anyways, a series of recent events in my life have made me ponder if I’m really doing what I love to do, first a little history on what I mean by that when I started doing Flash about 13/14 years ago the first thing that I did when opening the IDE was trying to animate one of my characters illustrations but sooner than later i found my self messing around with numbers and variables in the ActionScript panel one thing lead to the other clients demanded not only design but development as well and thats how I started my development carrer and boy it has been a ride I loved coding but in this last years my development “side” started demanding more of my time and slowly and almost without notice I found myself putting aside my illustration work, this last 3 years I had paid little or not attention to the thing I love to do since I have memory “drawing” and You know the saying “you only live once”. So I came to a big decision because if I miss something nowadays is just sitting and create stuff with just pens, colors and sheets, I will pause all my development wanderings and retake and focus in my illustration work as primary activity, what this means is basically that You wont see much posts in this blog or read me ranting about code in twitter at least for a Year ( that doesn’t mean i wont take any development work) but I will be really picky about the creative direction of the projects (sorry table scroller view fans 😉 ).

I like to thank all the readers of my blog for Your visits and comments and all the Flash Community peeps I’ve got the pleasure of knowing in person or in some of the social networks, You guys are the best community around.

With that out of my chest, Developer hat off – Illustrator hat on.

Happy Flashing.