Away3D 4.0 “Broomstick” + JigLibFlash on “Molehill” example: CubeWall

So here’s a quick example (extending one of the examples of Away3D) using the latest versions of Away3D 4.0 Alpha (Broomstick) and JigLibFlash using the new APIs included in FlashPlayer 11 “Molehill”. In order to see the example You’ll need the FlashPlayer 11 Incubator installed in your browser. There is a lot of new stuff to test on “Molehill” and it’s new features but wanted to share this, once I get some more free time I’ll write a tutorial about it.

Instructions: Click the image to open the example, use Your arrow keys to make the pink box collide with the CubeWall (once the pink box leaves the scene another one will drop above the wall) use the spacebar to lift the pink cube.

To find more information visit one of the following links:
Away3D 4.0 Alpha release – “Broomstick”

3D Physics Engine Jiglibflash update for flash 11 incubator build with Away3D 4.0 Broomstick support

Flash Player Incubator


Author: Dave Gamez

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