Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR 1.5.3 are out

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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta and AIR 2.0

Adobe has updated the Flash Player version to and AIR to 1.5.3 these runtimes are ready to go and include several bug  fixes including FP-503 ( Mousewheel on Mac OS X  wich has been needed a long time ago and forced developers to hack their way around this bug to use the mousewheel on Mac OS X).

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player Devnet  Overview on this security update.

Adobe AIR 1.5.3:

Highlights of some of the important changes in this release taken from the post of Adobe Air Team Blog:

  • If you have deployed an existing Adobe AIR application using AIR 1.5.2 or earlier and you want to update your application to use the 1.5.3 namespace, you will need to specify the old publisher ID of your application in your descriptor. Instructions on how to find your publisher ID and specify it in your descriptor are described in the release notes.
  • The process for changing certificates in an update to a deployed application has changed. Beginning with AIR 1.5.3, certificate renewals will no longer be handled automatically and you will need to use the migrate feature of ADT. Please learn more about this topic by reading the release notes.

Critical issues fixed in this release:

  • When an intermediate certificate expires, it is no longer possible to sign an application with a renewed certificate (fixed by removing the publisher ID).
  • The AIR application installer crashes on Linux systems using AMD Phenom processors.

Important links:

Upgrade here:

Download Adobe Flash Player

Download AdobeAIR 1.5.3

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