ActionScript Errors ( #aserror ) Hashtag on Twitter


The other day working late  and trying to fix some ActionScript error,  I got the idea of starting a Twitter Hashtag (#aserror) for this kind of errors and bugs that If you try to solve on your own it may take some time ( even using Google or the Beta of ActionScripit Errors wich is very good by the way )  and with a close deadline  losing half an hour tracking those errors  may be relly significant.

So  my toughs went to twitter  where a bast community of Flash users share and help each other, it’s the perfect place to get some aid on a more personal level and get out fast of those ActionScript Errors that may have you stuck in sometimes common troubles.

Hope it helps someone i’ll start using the #aserror hashtag  and the number  describing the Error  and the solution ( hack ?) that  got me out of there.

And hope to get some more free time to also post some examples and tests of how to recreate those errors and solve them here on my blog.

Well I relly hope to get that little snowball rolling and see the rest of the community that’s alredy on Twitter start using the #aserror tag to help each other out.

I almost forgot….  I’m @swfgeek on Twitter in case anyone wants to follow my rambligs :)

Author: Dave Gamez

Digital Craftsman from México and have more than 14 years of experience both in design and development in the digital field. I currently work in web, desktop, mobile and illustration projects alike and spend my time between being Technology Director at Team-O a Digital Studio I co-founded with Cecy Meade and doing consultancy work, when time allows it I like to experiment and tinker with code, animation and illustration.