Singularity Global Web Conference Site Revealed

After a lot of work Aral Balkan has finally revealed the Site for the first global web based conference Singularity 2008 that will take place this October the days 23-24.
For those of you who don’t know what Singularity is, this is a conference that you can attend right at your desktop no plane, no hotels right at your home, but who is better to explain this that the man who came up with this great idea check the Building Conference 2.0 article of Aral at insideRIA.
The line of speakers for this conference it’s just great covering the whole spectrum of the Web industry from designers to developers to industry voices and as I say earlier there’s no excuse to not get in, Singularity is right in your desktop You Are Singularity.

You still here? what are you waiting for go get your ticket at if you get yours before the end of April the price is just $99 USD (inc. VAT) so hurry up and get yours.
By the wait you can log to get your Singularity ticket using your Google Account could it be more simple ?

As a final word to Aral ” Congrats Man you’ve done it again”.

Next Version of Flex code named Gumbo Info Available


Gumbo is the code name of the next version of Adobe Flex and new information about it has been made available on the Gumbo Page of the Flex Open Source site.

Some of the highlights on the next version of Flex include the following:

Themes of the Release

Design in mind
A framework for continuous and easier collaboration between designer and developer.
Developer Productivity
Improve compiler perfomance and add productivity enhancements.
Framework evolution.
Take advantage of the new Flash Player capabilities and add features required by common use-cases.

Ely Greenfield gives us a demo on designer and developer workflow.

And Matt Chotin provides a recorded preso outlining the plans for the next version of the Flex SDK (Gumbo).

Some of the things that Matt says on his preso are quite promising a new namespace added (MXML 2009) to the MXML language to support more toolability and make it easier to describe experience-oriented features such as states and transitions.
A new format that promotes the features available in the Flash Player and is usable by tools to describe various graphic assets, including skins (FXG) this format is already in use by the Fireworks CS4 Beta.
Component and skinning architecture for easy tool participation.
Improved existing experience-oriented features such as states, effects, and layout.
A final release it’s aimed to the second half of 2009.
Bidirectional layouts (mirroring) and text support.
New Video component.

And he also mentions that a new initiative is forming to build a ground-up lightweight/scalable framework for developing at other devices such as mobile phones but it’s a long term aimed to be released at the first half of 2010.

Here’s the link to Mike’s preso

Here’s a link to Gumbo’s White Paper: An Introduction to the Gumbo Component Architecture

Keep an eye on Gumbo’s Downloads page on Adobe’s Open Source site for releases of Gumbos Milestones.

Flash Player 10 Beta 2 released

Flash Player  SWF

The new Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta 2 has been released yesterday on Adobe Labs, with some improved and new features, like some enhancement of the Audio API, new Loader.unloadAndStop for easier garbage collecting, Linux WMODE, and some changes in the FullScreen keyboard access. for more info and download check Adobe Labs Flash Player 10.

SWF Searchability a dream about to come true ?

Flash Player  SWF SEO

According to Adobe a long time headache for the developers of Flash Content its about to reach its end as Adobe is joining efforts with the major search industry leaders (A.K.A. Google & Yahoo), to optimize the way they index the Flash file format (SWF) , they claim that Google has already begun using their search spiders on live SWF Applications as if they where users, this thanks to Flash Player technology that Adobe has provide them. In the F.A.Q. that Adobe released today, they also say that as Developer you need to do nothing that all RIAS and content published under the SWF format will benefit from this although they’re beginning with the search of dynamic text and links in rich content created with Adobe Flash technology, and that it’s happening right now at least on Google.
To good to be true ? Let’s wait and see.

The Adobe SWF searchability FAQ