Papervision 3D 2.0 GreatWhite Alpha online


Papervision3D 2.0

Yes that’s right I said Papervision 3D 2.0 it’s an alpha codenamed GreatWhite and as Ralph Hauwert says in his blog it’s not fully optimized just yet but it’s alredy on de svn on Papervision3D googlecode project.

Here’s some of it’s new features:

Viewport3D – Auto sizing, clipping and culling, enables you to render to a texture in the scene.
ShadeMaterials – Only shaded surfaces
Shaders – Shading + Texturing
Frustrum Culling + Frustrum Camera
New Rendering architecture
Swappable renderer architecture

This is really exiting and I see the same and more success that it’s first release.
be sure to check the Google code project for download, Ralph Hauwert’s post on this and Papervision 3D blog for more info

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Posted by Dave Gamez   @   4 December 2007 1 comments
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Dec 5, 2007
3:06 pm
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