AS3 Bulk Loader Library by Arthur Debert

This morning reading my feeds I found a great Library for AS3 posted by Zeh, the Bulk Loader kit nicely written by Authur Debert it’s meant to make complex loading easy freeing you from the Loading and letting you concentrate on other parts of your project.
The project is released under the MIT Licence
Ryan Christensen posted an example of how to use it at his blog [draw.logic]

Google Code

Be sure to check the project at google code

Here’s a little summary of what it does as found on the Project :

* Connection pooling.
* Unified interface for different loading types.
* Unified progress notification.
* Events for individual items and as groups.
* Priority
* Stop and resuming individually as well as in bulk.
* Cache managing.
* Statistics about loading (latency, speed, average speed).
* Multiple kinds on progress indication: ratio (items loaded / items to load), bytes , and weighted percentage.
* Multiple number of retries.
* Configurable logging.

Design goals:

* Minimal imports.
* Few method to learn.
* Dynamic nature: items can be added by specifying a url as a String or a URLRequest .
* Items can be assigned an identifier key to be used on retrival.
* Only one class to learn / use.

BulkLoader tries to gracefully handle progress notification in these use cases:

* Few connections to open: bytes total can be used instantly.
* Many connections opened: progress by ratio
* Many connections opened for data of widely varying sizes: progress by weight.

Download the Bulk Loader here
Test it Yourself and Happy Coding !!!

Author: Dave Gamez

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