SWX Native Data format for your Flash Projects

Well, it seems that Mr. Aral Balkan doesn’t lose a minute, aside of all the OS ( open source ) Flash Proyects of OSFlash, hes been developing a great proyect SWX wish is a native data format for Flash. It uses SWF files to store and exchange data. It also implements an RPC gateway (currently in PHP), tools (a data analyzer/debugger and a service explorer), various APIs (Flickr, Twitter, etc.), and an ActionScript library that make creating data driven Flash and Flash Lite applications a piece of cake.

SWX Beta 1.2

If you download and Install the SWX MAMP(Mac – Apache – MySQL – PHP) Bundle (on OS X) click here to download. It will be up an running in no time ( and it’s really like five minutes ). If you already have a development local server You can download the SWX files in zip format( from here ) and extract them on your localhost’s root folder.

Here’s a very neat tutorial that Aral put up on SWX Format site to help you out with the basic steps in how to get it running:

So don’t waste your time visit SWF Format download the SWX MAMP bundle. And start playing with your data.
Besides isn’t Datum ( The little mascot ) beautiful ? ; )

Author: Dave Gamez

Digital Craftsman from México and have more than 14 years of experience both in design and development in the digital field. I currently work in web, desktop, mobile and illustration projects alike and spend my time between being Technology Director at Team-O a Digital Studio I co-founded with Cecy Meade and doing consultancy work, when time allows it I like to experiment and tinker with code, animation and illustration.