Flash is on the AIR ( AIR:Flash CS3 Professional Update Beta 1 )

Adobe Labs released an Integrated Runtime (AIR) update for Flash CS3 beta 1 this will let you create, package , preview and publish .air Desktop applications right within your Flash CS3, to keep it simple this means that with a Command + Enter (Ctrl +Enter on PC) you’ll be exporting AIR applications.
AIR on Flash

H.264 Format supported in Flash Player, AIR Export within Flash, Now that’s a busy week. : )

SWX Native Data format for your Flash Projects

Well, it seems that Mr. Aral Balkan doesn’t lose a minute, aside of all the OS ( open source ) Flash Proyects of OSFlash, hes been developing a great proyect SWX wish is a native data format for Flash. It uses SWF files to store and exchange data. It also implements an RPC gateway (currently in PHP), tools (a data analyzer/debugger and a service explorer), various APIs (Flickr, Twitter, etc.), and an ActionScript library that make creating data driven Flash and Flash Lite applications a piece of cake.

SWX Beta 1.2

If you download and Install the SWX MAMP(Mac – Apache – MySQL – PHP) Bundle (on OS X) click here to download. It will be up an running in no time ( and it’s really like five minutes ). If you already have a development local server You can download the SWX files in zip format( from here ) and extract them on your localhost’s root folder.

Here’s a very neat tutorial that Aral put up on SWX Format site to help you out with the basic steps in how to get it running:

So don’t waste your time visit SWF Format download the SWX MAMP bundle. And start playing with your data.
Besides isn’t Datum ( The little mascot ) beautiful ? ; )

New Flash Player Supports H.264 Video Format

Flash Player 9 Beta 2

The new Flash Player 9 Update 3 Beta 2 comes with great enhancements.
Adobe announced a new beta version of the Flash Player 9 ( code named: Moviestar ), which includes H.264 standard video support — the same standard deployed in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD high definition video players — and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support, as well as hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced full screen video playback. This will be of huge impact on the web video development.
A very detailed post on this announcements has been posted in Tinic Uro’s Site be sure to check it out .

Acording to Emmy Huang Product Manager of the Player, Adobe Labs will release a demo where they will have an updated full screen demo with H.264 and an FAQ.

*************** E D I T ***************
The update for FLASH PLAYER 9 is now available in Adobe Labs.

My copy of Essential Actionscript 3.0 by Colin Moock arrived

My copy of Essential Actionscript 3.0
This morning at my doorstep was the long awaited Amazon Box containing my copy of O’Reilly Essential Actionscript 3.0 by Colin Moock the longtime waited follow up to what is known in the Flash programing world as The Colin Moock Book, and I’m happy to say it was worth the waiting.
The book it’s equally appealing to first time actionscript users and long time actionscript veterans, Mr. Moock has such a way to make translations from a computer based language to a much more accessible and easy to understand form.

ActionScript 3.0 presents perhaps the most substantial upgrade to Flash’s programming language ever. The enhancements to ActionScript’s performance, feature set, ease of use, cleanliness, and sophistication are simply staggering. Revolutionary improvements abound. Essential ActionScript 3.0 is an update to Essential ActionScript 2.0, once again focusing on the core language and object-oriented programming with some coverage of the Flash Player API. Approximately half of the book focuses on the new features and functionality of ActionScript 3.0, while the rest focuses on changes between the 2 and 3 releases.

The Book is divided in three parts,
Part 1 Actionscript form the ground up.
Where he provides and exhaustive coverage of the core Actionscript language.
Part 2 Display and Interactivity.
Where he explores the techniques for displaying content on screen and responding to input events. ( This is for all of you interactivity lovers ).
Part 3 Applied Actionscript Topics.
In this part the book focuses on Actionscript code-production issues .

To be sincere if you are really a Flash Beginner or a seasoned user of the Flash Technology this book should really be at your desk as a trusty companion in those long coding nights. the book can be found at Amazon Click here to buyor at O’Reilly and don’t forget to visit Mr.Moock site.

Cheers and happy reading!!!.

SwfGeek Revamped !!!

Swfgeek V 2.0

Well I been kinda of busy lately, but I manage the time to give this site an Extreme Makeover, well not that much in fact the new theme of this blog wish is K2 it’s been developed very good it was just to easy to customize.
Hope to get the time to post some experiments with Papervision 3D that I’ve been making, well thats all for today hope you like the new look of this site.